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The Hidden Meaning of Strategy:

Ask ten people the meaning of the word ‘strategy’ you will probably get ten different answers. There may be a common thread which runs through the various definitions, but usually not enough to conclude that strategy is a genuinely commonly understood concept. This article tackles the hidden meaning of strategy and suggests why the effectively simple answers can be found where you least expect them to be. We often find beauty in complexity but also in simplicity. When it comes to creating a strategy, the beauty has to be in simplicity. After all, the more complex the strategy, the more open it is to interpretation and potential confusion. The temptation to over-complicate strategy, irresistible as it sometimes is, is always trumped by a simpler approach.

Strategy begins and ends with a Question:

This article makes the case for strategic focus by asking one simple question. It asserts that if strategy is really about making choices, challenging assumptions which underpin them then the question, “what needs are we trying to satisfy?” is the most important question you have to ask. It’s also the most difficult to answer, but critical to establishing a strategic anchor to which all other elements of the strategy should be connected.

The Purpose of HR:

Unless leaders, managers and HR practitioners themselves can define and embed the purpose of HR, the function will be forever vague and ambiguous, consigned to a political, tactical and operational service centre. This article explores how HR’s purpose is defined by business leaders and HR practioners thmseves and offers some insights to remedy what is a very unsatisfactory state of affairs.

Will your next CEO come from HR?

CEOs are leaders (or supposed to be). HR understands leadership (or is supposed to). If both these claims are true, why is it that so few HR executives become CEOs? This short paper explores why this might be the case and what might be done about the situation to broaden the CEO succession pipeline.

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